"You'll come away from the Gatehouse Gallery feeling even better than when you arrived. If you've come for a relaxing rural experience, the location and 'great-things-come-in-small-packages' gatehouse will comfort you. If you've come for art, the variety and breadth of the frequently changing displays will tickle your creative mind.

 But if you arrive in a tizzy, feeling helpless and hopeless with the **** computer, you'll come away feeling confident that the technology issues you face can be addressed calmly. No matter how you arrive, you'll come away feeling you've been welcomed by some very kind new friends."

-Susan Ticehurst
Tamworth, NH

 "The Gatehouse Gallery is self described as 'A tiny space full of art, design and creative energy' and that is exactly what it is! The tiny space has a wonderful eclectic collection of contemporary art and craft, beautifully displayed ... so much to look at! ... and with frequently changing exhibits of featured artists there is always something new.

 The owners, Malynda and Brian, are full of contagious creative energy and enthusiasm with a passion for supporting the arts, artists and the community. They also have exciting future plans to offer classes and to create a website mapping galleries and open artist studios throughout New England.

Definitely worth a visit (often) for locals and visitors alike!"

-Deborah Hatch
Albany, NH

 "Brian has excellent knowledge in the computer field . I don't believe there is anything that he can't fix or do when it comes to electronics. I am impressed with his willingness to help out in a moments notice. Brian has been our go to guy for many years now and I wouldn't go to anybody else. We would definitely recommend Brian to anyone and everyone."

-Mike and Joanne Roberts
Tamworth, NH

 "Malynda at the Gatehouse Gallery has put together our Christmas Cards for 7 years. Our cards have such a reputation that people save space on the refrigerator for year round display. People send us cards just to receive one. Malynda has a wonderful way of joining year events into a memorable card. Imagination and creativity are her strengths along with Photoshop. Send her pictures, talk with her for awhile and she will create a beautiful card."

-Pam and Glenda
Jackson, NH

 "Malynda and Brian made our website. They are very nice and creative people. They will help you to realize your dream of a superior web presence. They make your dreams true. We had a great collaboration. They are friendly and very good people. I really think from our work and experience with them, that these guys can do anything. They have patience and never discount your ideas. I recommend them. I thank them for everything our website has brought us."

-Gina Mulbdic
Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

 "Upon deciding to rework my website I consulted Brian & Malynda Forcier because of their combined talents and expertise in both "IT" and graphic design. Working with them on this project with its many ideas and changes was not only professional, pleasant and rewarding, but yielded a top quality finished site. Their prompt follow-up to questions and changes has also been a testament to their commitment in providing quality service after the work has been completed. I'm confident that any additions to the site in the future will be improvements to further show their quality of teamwork, which is a benefit to any of their customers. "

-Todd Barber
Albany, NH

 "I first met Malynda Forcier at a camera shop where she worked in North Conway and was immediately struck by her deep knowledge, intelligence, professionalism, and kindness. She went out of her way to provide instruction on the use of my Nikon SLR in connection with my upcoming safari to Africa and prepared me thoroughly using language I could understand. Moreover her knowledge and recommendations led me to select two lenses that made all the difference in the world in the quality of the photographs I took during that trip. Since then, she has been my go-to photography consultant. She advised me on my recent purchase of a pocket point-and-shoot Leica camera, helping me sort through all the camera options based on her clear assessment and understanding of my needs. I continue to work with her as my technical "tutor" by appointment at her beautiful studio in New Hampshire and by conference-call. Malynda is a delightful person and an outstanding professional. "

-Jack Heffernan
Brownfield, ME
(expedition leader of the first Americans to summit Mount Aconcagua, Argentina)

 "They made a great website for us in a short amount of time. The Turkish design Malynda created for our site was perfect and exactly what we wanted. With Malynda's photographs and Brian's custom coding we can now sell our carpets online. They also took the time to teach us how to be able to change the site ourselves. They helped us very much."

-Mehmet Danisan
Selcuk, Turkey

 "Brian Forcier once helped me with a computer problem and immediately demonstrated that he is a man who does not waste time. Brian is a smart, highly competent, and creative technical problem-solver. He's also a really nice guy. Now I am in the process of writing an e-book and website as a sequel to my 2002 best-selling book about women and heart disease, An Arrow Through the Heart (Simon & Schuster, 2002). Having already experienced Brian's considerable technical skills and creative thinking, I chose him for web-master. He listened carefully to my vision for the website and swiftly laid out its technical possibilities and challenges, making my ongoing slog through writing it more focused. As I continue to work on the website, Brian is always available with technical insights. It's my fault that we are not finished, because I am a slow writer. When the website is finally launched, I am confident that the product will be as wonderful and effective as the process of working with Brian! Stay tuned for my website and the update to this highest recommendation for Brian Forcier."

-Deborah Daw Heffernan
Brownfield, ME