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   TCNA is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. We are dependent on public support for continuing our health services to Tamworth residents. To learn how you can help, visit our Donate to TCNA page; or use the "Donate Now" button below to make a contribution through PayPal.


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TCNA History

A Period of Enlightenment

    At the turn of the 20th century many people travelled to the White Mountains of New Hampshire seeking haven from the noise of the cities and the business of urban life. Thinkers, artists and writers such as William and Henry James, E.E. Cummings, friends and descendants of Julia Ward Howe and many others vacationed in the Tamworth area.

Elizabeth Age 6     Great ideas were being formulated that hatched great societal changes.

    Out of this environment, Elizabeth Lane Whittemore (pictured throughout this article) came to Chocorua to enjoy a quieter life and yet soon became devoted to the townspeople, the community, and its welfare. Mrs. Whittemore served as the Director of the New Haven Visiting Nurses. The Whittemores before their marriage She was known for a "strong vein of responsibility beneath her beauty." She sensed that the Tamworth community could benefit from a nursing service of its own and hence, is chiefly credited with being the founder of the Tamworth Community Nurse Association.

Mrs. Whittemore in her later years     An earlier quote, "The whole story of these pioneer years, of work quietly carried on, yet plainly manifest in lives made healthier and happier..." is carried on with the work of our nurses today.

    This early vision continues on proudly with a deep respect for the foresight of our founders, the sense of philanthropy of our benefactors and the deep generosity of spirit of those who have voluntarily served on the Board of Directors and guided this organization through 90 plus years of service.


1921-24 Mrs. Whittemore, Mrs. Franklin Balch and a few other unnamed supporters hire a Red Cross Nurse, for 3 months of the year.

Miss Mary Curran serves as first year-round nurse. “On foot and buggy or sleigh, borrowed or hired, she got around the town, and her work amply proved that a community nurse was not only desirable but  necessary in our town.”

The Community Nurse serves as school nurse with nine schools & 153 children. Two dental clinics held for children as well as TB screening, vision and audiology exams.
The TCNA Board is formed consisting “of three members from Each section of town, Mrs. Stella White (Chairman), Mrs. Flora Currier, Mrs. Hazel Currier, from Tamworth Village; Mrs. Carrie Nickerson, Mrs. Eva Moore, Mrs. Edith Bickford, from Chocorua; Mrs. Mary Fall, Miss M.T. Gregg, Mrs. Ellen Bookholz from South Tamworth.”

Nurse Gertrude Seiders starts.“Using her own Ford car, she has been able to cover the Town’s wide territory frequently, calling in Chocorua, the Village, and in the South side in the same day.”

TCNA joins with the Civil Defense in a “general effort to marshal the entire community for defense & national service.”

TCNA purchases its first car for use by the nurse.

TCNA moves into new Brett School building. Salk Polio Inoculation Program initiated.

A major event occurs when Mrs Whittemore dies leaving half her estate as an endowment for TCNA. Today that endowment supports approximately 25% of our operating costs.

TCNA moves to 84 Main Street next to the town offices.

Tamworth Meals On Wheels Program starts.

Coordination of Meals on Wheels comes under TCNA umbrella.

Raised $189,000.00 for new office space.

Moved into newly built facility at 84R Main Street.

TCNA takes on the task to inoculate the “at risk” populace against the first viral pandemic to strike in the last in 50 years.

TCNA adds new services: Nebulizer treatments, Strep testing, Blood coagulation testing

UNH completes yearlong study to determine savings to the healthcare system as a result of TCNA's work.