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Self Portrait For Chet     Malynda Forcier was born and raised in northern Massachusetts and relocated to New Hampshire as an angst filled teen. In 1994 she completed a six week intensive course at Rhode Island School of Design, and in 2001, earned an art degree from Chester College of New England. She rounded out her formal education with many more hours of study and work with accomplished artists & photographers. Malynda has worked at several photographic labs throughout NH and has helped many people reach their photographic potential through her knowledge and expertise. Having fulfilled most of her goals in the photographic medium, she is creating with different mediums and is now exploring her heritage through the use of old family textiles.

    "I have always been fascinated with capturing a moment, not only the images, but the emotion and feeling that define the event. I remember the child version of myself closing her eyes as tight as she could to gaze upon the picture frozen in the backs of her eyelids. As I think about it today, I realize that I was trying to save the feelings of the moment for as long as that image remained. That was what I had to work with until receiving my first camera at age 10. The photograph, for me, releases the feelings of the moments I've captured and keeps them there ready and waiting for me to gaze upon them once again."

    Over the years, the works she has created were close to her heart, influenced by friends, family and the places she has visited. As the years have progressed, the people and places have begun to become more varied and exotic, representing a growing passion for long term travel. Her passion for the visual arts has created a wanderlust that grows with every passing day, as does the desire to capture the spectrum of feelings and scenes that exist around this fragile world.

    "I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend my life as a free individual and I know that as my journey continues, my work will reflect that freedom."

    When not traveling she resides in the breathtaking White Mountains of New Hampshire where yet another artistic endeavor has been fulfilled. In 2011, Malynda conceived & executed her plan of opening The Gatehouse Gallery in Tamworth, NH. The Gallery is tiny space in which she and her husband consult and create custom websites surrounded by inspiring works of art. Malynda is now looking forward to spending her artistic energy on different outlets and media. She is extremely excited to be meeting other artists and helping showcase their work.

    The Gatehouse Gallery is a place made intentionally unpretentious, to bring artists and ideas together.

    "I hope that you enjoy my work. May it bring you positive emotions."

Artist/Owner at
The Gatehouse Gallery in Tamworth, NH

My first Camera